Welcome to Designed to Teach Digitally this website is designed to share ideas about education.

Innovation in Education Award Winner 2020

As a leader in Digital Teaching & Learning, many ideas which I share will focus on how technology can enhance the classroom, teaching and learning, the pastoral care of students & everyones mental health & wellbeing. 

It is important to remember that behind the technology, is a teacher & students who have a wide range of learning needs with outcomes and a wealth of possibilities.

– Design – Share – Ignite – Inspire – Collaborate –

Over the last three years my love for teaching has been re-ignited by those around me and their passion for education and pedagogy.  Above all their desire to improve their own teaching to support the students in their care. 

My vision for this website is to #Share and #Collaborate with educators around the world. 

I do not and never will profess to know everything about education or technology, but I love to play, try and create to try and get better all the time. 

I have become more and more resilient as an educator and this is through time, trials and at times failure.

Coding Lab: Apple Store, Dubai, EU Code Week