Global Goals – Inspire

As an educator and someone who has been teaching design and technology for a decade now, the Global Goals have always been something I have taught and looked at a lot with students. In 2019, at the ADE conference I found myself in a brilliant workshop about developing innovation.

We were all talking about how you make learning experiences authentic and bringing the real world into the classroom so students can understand what is going on around the world.

So this is my contribution, but it needs collaboration to make it work. I have created a YouTube Channel called Designed to Teach Digitally where videos of Real World Scenarios from educators across the world can be uploaded to and shared with the education community.

When you are teaching one of the 17 Global Goals, they can then be used to share what is really happening across the world, students can feel empowered and motivated to create innovative and inspiring concepts which can help to solve the global issues which we are being confronted with.

If you want to know more about the 17 Global Goals, have a look at their website, there are many resources for teachers and students to help support lessons and develop ideas.