About Me…

I am about to embark on a new role in the UAE as Director of Digital Education and Innovation. Formally Head of Computing and Digital Literacy at an Apple Distinguished 1:1 Device school in the UAE.   

The summer of 2019 saw me become an Apple Distinguished Educator, which has been a fantastic whirlwind of excitment. I have met so many brilliant educators at the ADE conference, and elsewhere, which have inspired me to keep pushing myself further and keep striving to innovate and collaborate.

but my real journey began two years ago.

I had never taught ‘computing’, I am, and always will be a Design and Technology Teacher.  But I was taking a chance, an opportunity to be part of the growth of something wonderful. A new school, a new challenge and a new set of learning for not only my pupils but myself.  I read 8 books that summer all about how to embed computing into the primary classroom, which inspired me and gave me such confidence. 

I found Twitter after advice of one of these books and it was truely the best thing I could have done. It gave me some people to follow, one was @ICTEvangelist, Mark Anderson, reaching out to him for advice he quickly came back to me and my trust in EduTwitter followed.

My experience of teaching prior to this had been generally of people keeping their cards close to their chests and not wishing to share incase someone else took all the glory.

This was not the case, Mark still receives random questions from me, and answers with insight and support, if you don’t follow him you should. My twitter and Digital journey began then. Since I have grown and developed my personal learning network, not only with educators from the UAE, but around the world.

After working with Digital Technology at 1:1 level for about six months I was introduced to the concept of an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, which has only fueled my desire to share more of my own learning and practices with other teachers and educators.  APLS’s Learn, share and create, it empowered me to have more confidence in my wild ideas in the classroom, making lessons more fluid and concepts more compact.

APLS Video Application

My back ground is in Fashion Marketing but I quickly went into teaching D&T (PGCE) after feeling like it wasn’t quite the job I had dreamed of.  I have worked in inner city schools in England for 7 years and now I live in the UAE and teach in a wonderful school which has the perfect ethos for a STEAM and technology-based educator.

As well as teaching and leading digital strategy, I now go into other schools who are beginning or are already on their journey to being digital schools and support teachers with digital pedagogy. My broad background (Jack of all trades some might say) allows me to have some understanding of what all subject areas need and my teaching degree and leadership experience supports what the schools need every teacher to adhear to.

I am now settled as much as I into a role, which will be ever changing, so, what I would now like to be able to use my blog to share the amazing things which I have learnt and am teaching.

In addition, I would like to share the work of others, as it is through my #PLN that I am where I am today.

I love my job, I love teaching, I couldn’t think of a better reason to want to share what I do than the hope it may inspire someone else.

ADE 2019 – Video Application

Mrs W.