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This year I was so pleased to be asked to speak to the importance of digital literacy and understanding. It gave me and colleagues an opportunity to show how we are supporting pupils to be positive digital citizens in our school, eventually in the wider community.  Showbie has been a brilliant platform for our young learners and we have in a short time been able to support pupils with a great deal of digital understanding.

As we roll Showbie out further into our school, our pupils have embraced it with open arms.  Requesting their own groups to be able to speak with one another about their passions in learning.  My favourite club currently is “Space Snap Coders” where a group of young people from KS2 have been building and developing their own games to help others learn science and maths.   It really is wonderful to see, especially as it is something which they are developing on their own.  Although I am there to guide, they manage roles and responsibilities with order and logic.

In addition to being able to support the development of pupils digital footprints, it also allows me as a teacher to track and monitor pupils digital work.  We have 53 different nationalities in our school and actively teach 3 different languages (currently) on our academic timetable.   We can change language settings, support EAL pupils with voice feedback as well as give pupils the more immediate and personalised feedback which every teacher is always working so hard to achieve.

I cannot wait to roll this out to KS3 next year, slowly our intentions would be to build strong positive digital citizens.  People who are aware of how to project themselves online and gain valuable personal development from the support we offer in our marking.

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