The EdTech Podcast

The EdTech Podcast

The EdTech Podcast was the first podcast about Education I listened to and I found myself working backwards through the episodes which Sophie Bailey hosts.

I find this podcast covers such a host of topics and conversations about EdTech across all key stages of education, inlcuding the impact of higher education and the changes which are beginning to happen in this area. As well as future tech and interviews with global reformists.

I find her work truely inspiring and always feel in the mood to write or create a new concept for a lesson after it.

Breakfast Conversations #ADEbreakfast

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“1:1 conversations with amazing educators from around the world.

We will sit down and drink coffee with truly inspiring teachers with great stories and visions. This podcast will connect you with Visionary and creative educators that like to share and help. Every episode also includes a question or challenge that will inspirer you to think deeply about different highly relevant topics in education.

#ADEbreakfast is perfect in the morning and when ever you want to get inspired to start something new.”

Blurb from #ADEbreakfast

Begin 2020 with an EdTech boost by downloading some fantastic podcast content

Breakfast conversations came to my attention when I went to the #ADE institute 2019. Meeting some fantastic educators I was asked to be part of a breakfast conversation. Chatting to Jakob about education across the globe was a wonderful experience. But it didnt end there. I listen regularly to the podcast to find out all about the exciting and innovative things going on in classrooms around the world.

These topical conversations are always insightful and ignite ideas for me to put into practice in my own classroom. A favorite of mine has been the conversation between Lee Blowers and Chris Galley who teach in London. I think perhaps this is due to my love for the city and the hope that one day I can take students on trips to the iconic Design Museum in London.

Jakob has a knack of finding educators who are incredibly passionate about their EdTech Journey and adventures. I personally love hearing about what got them to where they are today and their own future goals.

Lee Blowers from OpenDoor:

Chris Galley from OpenDoor: