Recommended Reads

As educators we like to try and keep up to date with new theories and content which can help to improve our skills as teachers. With a wealth of content available, check out the recommended reads here!

I came across Screen Schooled last spring break after having heard quite a bit about this new book which was making waves in the #EdTech community. Ordering it and receiving it, luckily, just before spring break I dove into it with much enthusiasm. I am torn. I can say it empowered me to try to change mindsets and not to close the door on EdTech. A great read for a range of perspectives.

After seeing a colleague present about #CogScience I was empowered to read this book, Rosenshine’s Principals in Action . It really was a great refresher. If you are new to Education, it is a must read. However ten years in, I found it a great way to recap all of the tactics you use in the classroom all the time, but perhaps forget your doing.

Very useful to sharpen up your EdToolKit!

A favourite of mine, 10% Braver, I picked this book up a while ago and dipped in and out. It covers a wonderful range of stories about the women who created #WomenEd – The book takes you through the 8C’s of reminding us all, including men, that sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horns and go for it.

This book inspired me to push myself to get my new job role.